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Content Marketing ROI – Mine For Gold In Your Own Backyard

Many publishers invest significant time and money in SEO and various traffic generation tactics in an effort to increase overall page views and content marketing ROI. In many cases, any success in building organic search traffic volume is offset by a corresponding increase in bounced traffic, and a devaluation of the overall audience from an advertising standpoint.  Chasing traffic can become an expensive race to the bottom for publishers.

One of the most undervalued assets all publishers have is existing content that has been published, displayed and archived somewhere in a database.  The challenge for publishers is unlocking the additional value in existing content by offering that content to a large enough audience for whom the subject matter is more interesting than the currency of the content.  The capacity to identify that interested audience and present content that is interesting to that audience, automatically and in real time, offers publishers the ability to generate truly organic traffic and serve additional incremental ad and promotional impressions.

Youneeq automatically presents relevant content to readers who are already site users. This builds overall traffic, increases key audience metrics of pages per user/session and session time, while reducing bounce rates.  This increases network ad impressions/performance and improves overall site performance without “buying” traffic via click-bait or investing in expensive SEO tactics.  Offering existing, interesting content to loyal readers truly leverages the core strength of any publisher that creates news and information.

For publishers, personalized, automated content recommendations from a database of existing content that is targeted to users based on known content interests is like finding gold in your own backyard.


Content Marketing ROI

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